At Yinka Kayode and Co, we render the following services amongst others:

Valuation of assets including Land, Buildings, Plant and Machinery, Furniture, Fixture, Fittings, and Equipment for a variety of purposes via ; mortgage, insurance, rating, compensation, sale, purchase, accounting/balance sheet, stocks/shares, public quotation, commercialisation/privatisation, merger and acquisition etc.

Real Estate Agency involving letting, leasing, sale and purchase of landed properties for and on behalf of clients.

Project appraisal, which entails carrying out feasibility and viability study/report to determine practicability and profitability or otherwise of proposed projects.


Project management, which involves administration of real estate development projects and co-ordination of relevant consultants from conception to ensure its successful realisation within reasonable time and cost limits, without jeopardy to quality workmanship.


General real estate consultancy including; advice on highest and best use of land resources


• To meet the needs of our clients through the provision of an excellent range of real estate products and services.
• To build a brand that will be an epitome of Performance, Service and Trust.
• To be one of the best in terms of qualitative service delivery in the industry.
• To meet the expectations and build up the capabilities of our staff, on whose skills, the future of our firm will depend.
• To achieve the objectives of our clients, which are safe decision making and optimum returns.


Yinka Kayode and company’s value proposition is a combined offering of:
• Service- Our ability to offer and deliver a first-class service to our clients.
• Capability- Our capability will stem from the knowledge and skills of our staff.
• Trust- Integrity of our firm and our members of staff will be established and maintained.
• Value- Value for service through our expertise and professional competence.
• Profitability- Achieving clients’ satisfaction through client focused services.

Yinka Kayode and co. is a group of qualified young experienced professional Estate Surveyors and Valuers, tested and proven, led by a management team whose resumes reflect nothing short of a wealth of experience in all facets of real estate surveying and valuation practice.

Our strength is the experience of our team and product of continuous support and patronage we have been enjoying from similar corporate organisation and notable individuals.